15/91 Connector Project Facts


The Riverside County Transportation Commission (RCTC) is preparing to build the 15/91 Express Lanes Connector,
which will link the southbound 15 Express Lanes that are under construction now to the westbound 91 Express Lanes and link the eastbound 91 Express Lanes to the future northbound 15 Express Lanes. The 15/91 Express Lanes connector is designed to provide a seamless transition between these Riverside County tolling systems for reliable, convenient travel for vehicles and express buses.

This connector is separate from RCTC’s Interstate 15 Express Lanes Project, which is currently under construction and will open before the connector is completed. Senate Bill (SB) 132 provided $180 million for this connector. SB 132 allocated $427 million for five projects known as the Riverside County Transportation Efficiency Corridor, including the 15/91 Express Lanes Connector. For more information, visit rctc.org/15-91connector.


  • Allow seamless transition for motorists between the existing 91 Express Lanes and the future 15 Express Lanes
  • Reduce congestion and improve traffic operations
  • Improve access for drivers to continue travel on the express lanes network without exiting and merging into the general-purpose lanes
  • Enhance traffic flow
  • Increase travel time reliability


RCTC is proceeding with a design-build process to expedite delivery of this project and minimize construction impacts.

Connector Open to Motorists 2022

15-91 Connector Project Fact Sheet
15-91 Connector Project Fact Sheet – Spanish